Wednesday, February 07, 2007

hello once again

Well this goes out for all the people who had missed me,(not many i suppose) But neways i had decided to block my blog since the day i had caught my mom watching it secretly,

Loads of things have happened since that eventful day,i got my result bak ,luckily i didnt flunk any subjects,got pretty decent marks in physics. I was also bid farewell from school as it was our farewell on the 2 of feb ...i think . Well that day was quite eventful, but my story starts the day before that day.It was a tuesday and i remember like it was just yesterday , i had told my parents that i needed to buy a suit for the farewell , and my father was like cudnt u have told us a little later, i mean at 6.30 in the nite i didnt think it was too late ... oh yea except fer the fact that it was a tuesday. So anyways it was decided that cp wud be open so we went there. I didn expect the suits to be as expensive as they were priced, i mean who pays like 5000 buks fer a stinkin suit . Well turns out loads of people do.Well we searched all the branded show rooms lukin fer that perfect lil suit. I finally found a suit worthwhile at an heusen(yea i kno its very expensive)...So the suit was a totally white suit, and i found a blue hawaii's shirt to go wid it and i thot itt wud be a pretty formal suit .So anyways after buyin the bloody suit and waitin fer it to be altered, we finally came bak .

SO on d day i was pretty happy since i thot i was lukin wuite gud in the suit. On reachin the skul i made quite a few heads turn, shomi was the first to see me and was actually quite impressed , then came dhruv and every1 was like that i was lukin DIFFERENT. Gudi was actually the first to comment on my suit sayin that it lukd pimpish 25 others followed his expressions , some callin me a goan buisnessmen , others callin me a russian mafia .And well pretty much that.

to be continued

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

This blog marks the end of year 2006 and start of 2007 so mayy all of u and i have a happy new year 2007

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sad day today

Apart from Saddam being hanged to death (so unfair!!) today is also a sad day because my chachu who had been staying wid me for these past few months(6) left since his work here was over. This was the first time that i got to spend so much time with him since he stays abroad and is a professor at the university of Toronto and also at JHU(USA). He and I were usually left alone throughout the day since everyone else had top got to office while we stayed at home and studied(he's completing his PhD). He helped me through some tough times at home since i wasn't doing well in my studies, He was the only person who would find some good in me at the end of the day. yesterday(today mornin actually) i was given the responsibility of drivin the car(a first since previously i want allowed to drive outside Noida).All the ceremonies having been performed we left the home at 11:30 p.m it took us (grandparents, my mom, bro nd I (Dad was havin his spondalitis pain)) about 45 mins to an hour. On reachin the airport the luggage was taken out and turns out we left one bag containing all his books and research papers.Shit broke lose and I told my mom that i ll get the bag from noida by going back, abit nervous at first she reluctantly allowed me and bro to go back. Damn the first time i got to drive the car alone in Delhi and i had to break all the rules. So i got on the seat and with an average speed of 48 kph(according the Skoda's on-board computer ) and the top speed of 135kmph without being caught on the roads of delhi and actually beating an Audi in a short race(yea the other guy started it) we reached my home, by the speed of light i went in the house took a short piss washed my hands grabbed the bag and scrammed and so again covering a distance of 33kms from my home in about 25 Min's we reached the airport and saved the day..........

But still i jus wanted the plane to post pone instead the airline decided to prepone the flight due to bad weather predicted....AND I WAS SAD AGAIN

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Aniket caught drinkin

THIS is the actual stuff aniket was caught drinkin from a toilet check out dis link

nah jus kiddin

Friday, December 22, 2006

Yes the sad realities of life have finally dawned upon us, Our school life is unofficially over ,No more bunkin classes , njoyin vodka's b/w classes and LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST no more friends(I know most of my buddies and I will continue to meet each other )But generally other than within our group , I must admit i never liked school that much till my class 10 simply because i was always at a different intellectual level than most of my mates in class hence i did not indulge in the hellish activities performed in school such as hitting each other or for that matter even abusin the other guy till he cried(yea had that experience too)........................
Then i came to class XI-H, The whole way of looking at life took a different perspective i asked myself the question IF I DONT HAVE FUN NOW THEN WHEN WILL I HAVE THE CHANCE TO KNOCK THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OF ANOTHER GUY
The answer was plain and simple RIGHT NOW, I Made new friends and kept in touch with the existing people , suddenly from the class punch i became the boxer ,Life showed me that it was to be intellectually at a different plane but that should not hinder my daily friendship grew and the number of friends also grew, maybe it was because other s also started realising their responsibilities .
The time i have spent in classes 11th and 12th will always remain one of my golden memories of my childhood and active period in which incidents would have helped in developing and shaping my personality.
Today was scribllers day in my school and apart from gettin my shirt torn from a teacher i got to know the no. of friends i had managed to make in these last few years. The memories i will cherish and treasure for the rest of my life.
My nostalgia ends here till the next time i post..... Intend to publish todays pictures on my blog so anyone who has forgotten to send me d pics please send them now

Monday, December 04, 2006

HEllo and welcome

Apart from that being the latest enigma song which i got to admit is below enigma standards i would like to add that it has been quite a long time since i posted on my blog .

A few things which have occured in between , Chona totally screwed me up but i managed to get back one on her by simply showing her a physics derivation in my english paper and even though she herself is an english teacher (apart from being the principal )i guess she totally is carefree for what the students rite in their papers as long as they write sumthing either that or she is too blind to see widout her specs.

Anyways my english teacher who happens to be a real kind hearted and quite understanding teacher was actually laughing when she read my paper.The amount of crap i had written was anything but english literature.

Apart from that me and my school mates have been really enjoyin our last few days in school
lemme introduce them to you:-

1-Aniket or the choton ,the shortest guy i have ever met (you jus cant believe he is in the 12 class ) Is a really awesome keyboardist and will do anything to get his hands on the thunderstorm video.Is really a pestering idiot who keeps listening to all sorts of rock adn heavy metal songs.The Guy has a real problem acceotin that some people are better than him at most things other than playing keyboards.Really just likes to drink breezers coz that's all he can get in his small lil stomach.

2-Anubhav-Is the macho guy of the class, Has a real prob if people get to close to his G.F (yea had a real fite vey recently)The guy jus cant get enuf of vodka's , tequilla's and other such alcohols. His mother recently caught him readin the latest MAXIM magazine d dude was so cool wid it that he told his mom it was normal.

3-Dhruv- Well where do i start the dude has done almost everything in school (including pissing in a class,Beatin d school topper on the exams,become exun president)except make out in a class which still remains his final frontier.The guy can drink nonstop and talk non stop and gets time to lissen to others too.A true friend and a good guy

4-Ishan-the joker of our class , is really the heart and soul of our class jus cant do widout girls and friends this guy. Has been through most punishments and fights. Is solid vodka lover and jus cant have one!!.

5-Jasmeet :Is the coolest sardar i know.Likes kebabs and chilled beer.Cracks non stop jokes , i mean anything he says has to be funny. Very lovable guy this sardar always finds new ways to make fun of himself

6-Mihir:For those who know this bengali will tell you he is anything but normal. People cant stand him ,words fall short of describin this nigga, He and his austin powers expressions are just plain and simple IRRITATING. Apart from penning down weird songs which get stuck in your head the guy makes looking stupid easy, ALl in all a very good guy and weird friend too

7- Rg:Rg's the man as dhruv says we cudnt differ, He's and his biscuits n cakes make this dude a show stopper and who can forget those famous armani gogs .The guys a real gud comp programmer and writes good poems too.

8-shomi dada is the most sensitive guy i have met and the bestest painter i have seen. Take my word for it the guy makes AWESOME paintings. Even better are his poems they bring out real tragedy.The loves songs and on any given day lissen's to close to 50 beatles,pearl jam,irom maiden songs. Dada know's more people in school than anyone else and yea really dislikes people wh SMOke and drink.

The list continues and i will rite soon fer my reamainin frenz till then i bid all of u adieu

Thursday, November 02, 2006

the start of a new journey

yes my dear friends i have finally started this blog after much inclination from my friends to post stuff.

The fact is that i am not the happiest guy in the world so dont expect this blog to be a simple everyday life affair , no expect it to be dark and full of sadistic articles.

for starters i would just like to say that i flunk in my maths exam and my parents have been called to school by chona(for those of you who didn know she's the bitch who runs my school) and she calld parents of students who didn't do well in the half yearly exams.
I know what she will say to the parents , "oh your child does not study" "oh he is inclined to sports " ..."blah blah blah"

I mean aint it obvious that the child aint doing thus he has flunked his exam so now tell us what needs to be done instead of going on and on about the past.I mean she doesnt even know the type of teachers teaching on the school ,for eg: my maths teacher who only cares to tell me that i am not writing down the stuff she taught me in my copy

anyways let us c what d b****h has in store for us tmoro ,,